Foxiz delivers various kinds of language services, both verbal and written.
These services are classified below:

- Translation
- Proofreading
- Editing
- Post Edit
- Images and sound
- Desktop Publishing
- Terminology

Foxiz makes translations understandable


Translation is the transformation of source copy to target copy, executed by a native speaker. Thanks to the wide range of expertise areas in which Foxiz operates, we have various translators available with relevant background and experience. Always well suited to your assignment.


Do you want to be sure there are no spelling mistakes in your translation and that the text is grammatically correct? If so, proofreading is a convenient and safe option to make sure your text is on track. Proofreading is undertaken by a second translator without consulting the source copy. It is all about the accuracy of the text, not about the quality and perception of the translation.


Editing goes further than proofreading; the specialist is focused on assessing the coherence and sentence structure of the translated text. Is the message being conveyed in the right way and is the text unambiguous? It is a more thorough review than simply a grammar and spelling check.

Post Edit

Post editing is an increasingly popular service, primarily caused by an emerging trend; machine translations. Google Translations probably springs first to mind, but there are various examples of machine translations. The output is not always good, and sometimes quite poor. The post editor ensures that an automatically translated text can be turned into an unambiguous and intelligible storyline.

Images & sound

Foxiz translates training material, corporate videos and subtitles, amongst others. Our voice-over unit offers the option of recording the translated text and editing into a final product.

Desktop Publishing

A catalogue, brochure, manual or flyer also needs to be designed in another language. No worries, Foxiz can handle design as well. We are totally comfortable with most system software, including Adobe InDesign. It's never been easier to publish in whatever language!


For every company, both online and offline, it is important to ensure that the terminology is in good shape, irrespective of the language. Whether SEO terms or specific product names are at issue. At Foxiz, we make constant use of extensive terminology lists, enriched by our clients as well as our specialists.