Work as cleverly and efficiently as possible. It can get that easy - and at Foxiz, it does!

Foxiz has its own specialists at its disposal who are able to make the link between our clients' questions and the translator. A major portion of this process - from initial quotation through to final translation - is automated at our end. Log into our portal, upload the file, select the required languages and services and we are almost ready to start translating. You only need to approve the quote online, and the translator can get going.


Our solutions make it possible to translate websites and webshops 'on the go'. Does an extra product, page, blog or newsletter need to be added to the original version? Our process makes it possible to have the translations executed directly and posted on the site.

Foxiz offers a range of other services alongside translations. We write technical documents such as manuals, operating instructions and training documents and we teach companies how to best develop their documentation.
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